Boot Camp Testimonials:

In a very short amount of time Gianna has helped me to recognize how important the element of exercise is to creating a balance in body, mind and soul.
She knows how to zone in on your strengths and motivates you to reach your fullest potential, always in a manner that  keeps you striving to better yourself as only you can as an individual.
I believe what she does is not just a career choice but a true calling, something that she was meant to do. 
It's one thing to want to better yourself, truly very important as I've mentioned, but a whole other aspiration to want to better the lives of others on a daily basis.
I've always felt that things in life do happen for a reason and I am truly grateful for whatever reason allowed me to cross paths with Gianna.
I look forward to a continued relationship of Personal Trainer and eager trainee, but more importantly my relationship with Gianna as a friend.

A.C. (2013)

Dear Coach Gi,

I had never attended boot camp sessions, and before starting I was apprehensive, but since our first session of boot camp, you immediately provided me the confidence and ability to engage! You were always so positive and approachable, making every lesson an enjoyable one!  After my 8 weeks of boot camp, I noticed my body had changed, especially my core area- yes the planks and pushups were worth it after all!

Thanks for all the encouragement and patience with me- I recommend your boot camps to everyone I know!

N.V. (2013)

Although I try to be physically active, I had been avoiding exercises that were challenging for me since major back surgery. Gianna gave me the confidence to try things I thought I couldn't do and I'm amazed at my accomplishments. I am steadily building well needed core strength and my back feels so much better.

Thank you, Coach Gi! You are amazing!

 Female client, age 60+ (2013)

There are likely many well educated trainers who know what they’re doing out there. However, Gianna stands out for two extra reasons, apart from knowing and applying correctly the fitness science:

 - She has a natural gift of knowing exactly how to motivate you to do things you never knew you could &

 - She is extremely funny, and in a very spontaneous way! 

 Female client, age 40 (2013)

After an illness I wanted to return to a fitness regime but was unsure of my fitness level and capacity.   With Gianna’s professional guidance and enthusiastic support I was able to determine my current physical abilities.  Gianna’s encouraging words and assistance with proper technique helped me to safely push myself which I realize is important for muscle development.  Each class was challenging and fun.  It was enjoyable working with the group.  I feel very confident now and look forward to upcoming group sessions.  Thank you Gianna. 

 Female client, age 60+ (2013)

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