The Strength Deployment Inventory (SDI) assesses motivational values and gets at the reasons behind behaviour.

Rather than looking at “what” the behaviour is, the SDI looks at “why” the person chooses certain behaviour.

The Benefits of SDI :

Explores motivational values to understand the basis for how people feel and act in different situations. 

Identifies personal strengths: when everything is going well, and when faced with opposition or conflict. 

Gains powerful insights into the motivation behind behaviour and recognition of how adapting behaviour will enhance working relationships.

Establishes a greater sense of understanding, acceptance, and appreciation of each other.

Explains how the ability of people to resolve critical issues diminishes as conflict escalates. 

Shares how the style of influencing and providing feedback might generate better outcomes.

Provides awareness to see conflict and use it as a potentially positive force that can be the catalyst to transform non-productive work relationships.

How can SDI help your business or organization?

Provides an opportunity for the team:

To examine how they work together.
To clarify potential team and business issues that are critical to achieving goals and sustaining optimal team performance. 

To work at higher levels and resolve potential sources of conflict in constructive ways.

To produce Information that can be used to allocate tasks more effectively. 

To improve communication, and work more productively together.



Putting it all together:

      Trained and Certified SDI Facilitator, Gianna Aston helps build productive relationships in organizations, teams and businesses. She also offers sessions which provide tools for effective communication within marital, family and friend relationships. Gianna seamlessly blends her vast coach training and her coaching experience with the proven and reliable tool of SDI. 

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